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Full-Color LED Module SCM Printed Circuit Board Module 5050

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  • Excellent PCB design, very beautiful
  • 8 three primary colors (red, green and blue) full-color LED, scanning control mode;
  • The control mode is the same as Nixie Tube;
  • Different colors can be generated by different procedures changing effects
  • Suitable for a variety of platforms such as 51/AVR/AVR/ARM/arduino
  • Module Color: Red+ White+ Black
  • Size: 60 x 33mm


  • D0 ~ D7 8-pin respectively to control 8 LED;
  • Three pin RGB connect with GND, connected with R on the bright red; G bright green; B bright blue.

Package List:

  • 1x Full Color LED Module LED SCM Printed Circuit Board Module 5050 for Arduino AVR
e***p 02/02/2023
A***i 02/02/2023
a***l 01/02/2023
not exactly what I had in mind, but still very nice
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