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DIN Rail Mount SPDT Power Relay Interface Module x 4

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  • DIN Rail Mount 2 SPDT Power Relay Interface Module for Industrial Suitability.
  • 12V Version, G2R-1-E 12VDC industrial power relays.
  • Switching current upto 10A at 250VAC (or 30VDC).
  • Easy to replace pluggable relays.
  • LED indicator for each relay channel.
  • Relay coil protection by means of a freewheeling diode.
  • Screw terminal block.
  • High quality PCB housing/carrier, DIN rail mountable - for width 35 / 32 / 15mm rails.
  • DIN mount case can be taken apart for panel mount use.
  • FR-4 fiber glass PCB, dual copper layers.
  • External dimensions: 50 x 87 x 63mm(L x W x H).
  • PCB dimensions: 47.4 x 72 ( L x W ).
  • 100 new, never used.

Relay action:
Voltage: 9 ~ 20VDC (recommended 12VDC).
Current: 46mA (one relay, at 12VDC).
Relay switch contact:
Rated resistive load: 10 Amp, at 250VAC or 30VDC.
Rated inductive load: 5 Amp, at 250VAC or 30VDC.
Relay datasheet: Click here.
Terminal block specifications:
Wire range: 24 ~ 12 AWG.
Strip length: 7mm.
Screws - M2.5, steel, Cr3+ Zn plated.
Pin header and Cage - Brass.
Wire connection:
H: Relay operating voltage positive.
L: Relay operating voltage negative.
COM / NO / NC:
When relay not-action, COM - NO disconnected, COM - NC connected.
When relay action, COM - NO connected, COM - NC disconnected

Package List:

  • 1x DIN Rail Mount 2 SPDT 10A Power Relay Interface Module, G2R-1-E 12VDC Relay
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